Ground Improvement &
Support Systems

Why these techniques to be adopted?

These techniques are based on high end engineering requirement where traditional engineering is either not possible or very costly or time consuming. These engineering techniques provide solutions in a very technical and cost effective way without much hindrance to the nearby properties.

Where do these techniques required?

  • Retaining earth & Slope Stabilization
  • Basement walls
  • Multistoried basement parking
  • Embankment strength and safety
  • Great replacement for diaphragm wall
  • Tunnel portals at steep & unstable stratified slopes
  • Construction and retrofitting of bridge abutment

Techniques used for Ground Improvement & Support Systems

  • Soil nailing techniques
  • Soil and rock anchoring techniques
  • Ground anchoring for diaphragm wall
  • Guniting techniques
  • Soil grouting techniques
  • Rock grouting techniques
  • Jet grouting techniques
  • Gabion support techniques
  • Micropiles techniques